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Physical Therapist

Overview: Active Physical Therapy is seeking skilled Physical Therapists for both Marquette, MI and Ishpeming, MI locations. The successful candidates we are looking for are passionate about providing quality care and improving patients’ quality of life. Physical Therapists at Active Physical Therapy act as our patients’ partner and advocate for patients on their road to recovery, from diagnosis to the completion of rehabilitation.

Physical Therapist Job Duties and Responsibilities:

*Evaluate patients and identify their needs and goals. *Devise an appropriate treatment plan with measurable goals and time frames. *Motivate and encourage patients throughout the treatment process. *Devise exercises, drills, and self-care programs for patients to complete between sessions. *Evaluate effects of therapeutic interventions and keep detailed records of patient appointments and progress. *Communicate with patients’ physicians regularly to ensure consistent care. *Work and communicate with Physical Therapy Assistants and Athletic Trainers to provide comprehensive patient care. *Reduce patients’ need for medications and surgeries by means of improving range of motion, strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. *Comply with federal and state physical therapy regulations. *Maintain patient confidentiality.

Physical Therapist Job Requirements and Qualifications:

*Proven work ethic and dedication to patient care throughout the recovery process. *Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. Including the ability to communicate and adapt with diverse patients and personalities. *A high level of professionalism and personal ethics. *Extensive education in the field of physical therapy as well as clinical experience. (Specialty skills and interests are a bonus). *A thorough knowledge of current treatment practices and guidelines. *A valid license to practice physical therapy in the state of Michigan. *CPR and first aid certification are a plus. 


$32.00 – $40.00 per hour – depending on experience, education, and skills.

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About Active Physical Therapy:

At Active Physical Therapy we are passionate about providing our patients with the best possible care.  We emphasize the prevention, identification, assessment, and correction of pain and disability associated with a variety of health issues, including orthopedic, sports, and auto and occupational injuries.

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