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Physical Therapist



Qualifications:    1.  Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university.    2.  Colorado certificate/license with K-12 physical therapy endorsement.    3.  Two years of experience as a Physical Therapist.    4.  Physical Therapy experience in a school system or pediatric practice setting preferred.    5.  Valid driver's license.    6.  Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.

Job Goal:  Responsible for screening, evaluating, implementing, and modifying therapeutic programs and interventions for students identified with physical disabilities/deficits.

Performance Responsibilities:     1.  Develop and implement physical therapy intervention plans based on student needs and evaluation results.    2.  Evaluate student’s ability and formulate the student’s physical profile through a variety of functional, behavioral, formal and informal assessments, skilled observation, checklists, histories, and interviews.    3.  Synthesize evaluation results into a comprehensive written report which reflects strengths and barriers to student participation in the educational environment, directs program development, and guides evidence-based intervention.    4.  Adapt and modify the environment, including assistive technology and training instructional staff, to meet individual needs and to help students function as independently as possible.    5.  Document physical therapy services to ensure accountability of service provision and to meet standards for reimbursement of services as appropriate.    6.  Maintain clinical and administrative records in accordance with professional standards, state guidelines, and District policy.    7.  Assign work to and guide the work of Physical Therapy Assistants.  Meet with Assistants to review cases, answer questions, address issues, and review the students’ progress.    8.  Participate in multidisciplinary meetings to review evaluation results, integrate findings with other disciplines, offer recommendations, and develop Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and intervention plans to achieve IEP goals.    9.  Educate student, educational personnel, and family to facilitate skills in areas of physical management plans, health maintenance, and safety and to promote the understanding and progress of the student’s physical performance.   10.  Manages inventory of therapeutic equipment and assessments, and project needs for budget planning.   11.  May be required to drive between District sites to meet the essential functions of the position.   12.  Participate in continuing education for professional development and to meet licensure requirements.   13.  Perform other duties as assigned.

Technicial Skills, Knowledge & Abilities:    1.  Advanced oral and written communication.    2.  Advanced interpersonal skills.    3.  Advanced time management, problem solving, and analytical skills.     4.  Strong organizational and multi-tasking skills.     5.  Advanced knowledge of children with special needs.     6.  Advanced knowledge of physical therapy practices and procedures.    7.  Ability to maintain confidentiality in all aspects of the job.     8.  Fluency in second language preferred.    9.  Knowledge and use of physical therapy theories, models of practice, principles, and evidence-based practice to guide intervention decisions.    10.  Knowledge of the federal, state, local legislation, regulations, policies, and procedures that mandate and guide physical therapy practice in schools.   11.  Ability to promote and follow Board of Education policies, Superintendent policies, building, and department procedures.    12.  Ability to communicate, interact, and work effectively and cooperatively with all people, including those from diverse ethnic and educational backgrounds. Willingness to contribute to cultural diversity for educational enrichment.    13.  Ability to recognize the importance of safety in the workplace, follow safety rules, practice safe work habits, utilize appropriate safety equipment, and report unsafe conditions to the appropriate administrator. 

Salary: Certified salary is based upon degree status and years of experience. Horizontal advancements are based upon "Graduate" level credits and staff development hours obtained after the last degree was conferred.

Salary Schedule

One year of credit will be provided for each year of approved outside teaching experience up to a maximum of sixteen (16) years (earned within the past 16 years).

Hiring Bonus available

Employment Period: 186 days per year - FTE (number of days per week is negotiable)

physical therapy 2020-03-10T12:22:19-04:00 2020-04-09T00:00:00-04:00 2071959 New Graduate 1-3 years 3+ years You must hold a BS degree OCS-Orthopedic Clinical Specialist Board Certification - Orthopedic Orthopaedic Pediatric

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