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Binghamton, NY 13905 US
$85000-$100000 per year
Long Term Care/Skilled Nursing Facility
Julia Edmunds Associates, Inc.
Frances Wiernusz, Director of Recruitment
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Director of Rehabilitation DOR

The DOR is responsible for managing the daily operations of Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapies including the delivery of services, documentation, and billing. Will take a primary role in retention and training of staff while assisting HR in recruitment; maintain a student fieldwork program; and continue to develop programs and therapeutic best practices that meet the needs of the subacute and long term resident populations.

Position Operational Highlights Supervision provided to 16 therapists (7 PT, 7 OT, 2 SLP), 4 Rehabilitation aides, Assistant Director of Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation Coordinator; additional per diem employees, and volunteers in coordination with the Director of Activities. Daily management of RUG categories and patient scheduling. Present weekly metrics via teleconference to corporate stakeholders: Discuss overage, RUG utilization, length of stay/outcome data, productivity, revenue/costs, program development, staffing/recruitment. Management of CMI with the MDS Coordinator and referral process to ensure stabilized business practices Prepare weekly billing checklist in preparation for month end close. Participate in monthly Triple Check process with MDS Coordinator, Billing specialist, and Regional MDS consultant to reconcile month end billing claims. Perform monthly Documentation Compliance Audit and prepare report of findings/plan of correction. Prepare monthly report for Administrator to address Priority Project Analysis shortcomings and budget reconciliation. Coordinate weekly discharge planning meeting with rehab team to include monitoring of patient functional levels, goals, and end of therapy projections. Prepare and present Rehab Update to Administrator and corporate facility operator as determined Prepare and submit Therapy Services Forecast Tool monthly to corporate Director of Rehabilitation projecting staffing needs, caseload targets, and earned revenue potential. Attend daily PPS Meeting to discuss RUG levels, rehab concerns with interdisciplinary Team. Coordinate attendance of daily "Huddles" on units with interdisciplinary team to provide therapeutic support to nursing and improve referral rate. Coordinate monthly rehab team meeting to facilitate program development, review of financials/productivity, and to address employee concerns. Participate in Marketing and program development initiatives in conjunction with Community Relations Coordinator

Facility Info: a 200-bed Sub-Acute and Skilled Nursing facility located in the Southern Tier of NY (Finger Lakes region: 40 min from Watkins Glen/Ithaca, 30-40 min from Vestal/Binghamton, 20 min from Elmira, 30 min from Corning). Company operates an expanding business with a current portfolio of 11 skilled nursing facilities across New York and Rhode Island providing you access to a team of resources at all levels of expertise in long term care.

The campus also operates an Assisted Living Facility, an Adult Medical Day Program, and available Respite Care services. Under the management of parent company, this site was one of the first buildings in company to undergo a 2.5 million dollar renovation project investing in modernizing infrastructure, technology, and opening of an Outpatient Rehabilitation service line.

Notable Rehabilitation technological investments include purchasing of a Biodex Balance system and a Lite Gait System. The Rehabilitation Department at this site has seen tremendous growth over the past 3 years and currently services between 60-75 residents per day. Through investment in building the right team, this site has become the largest sub-acute Rehabilitation center in the Region with quality clinical outcomes to back the foundation of its growth. Focusing on programs that build best practices and meet the needs of our sub-acute and long term populations have been the key to this site's success.

Initiatives in Fall Prevention & Recovery, Dementia Capable Care, Incontinence Management, and Pain Management are several examples of the team's commitment to providing exceptional care.

Are You A Good Fit? MUST BE A OT PT This facility seeks a driven therapist who shares a passion for servicing the geriatric population. The ability to multitask and assist a diverse team in daily management is critical. This person should possess confidence in interpersonal skills including an ability to professionally communicate metrics and advocate for the needs and interests of the Rehab team and the residents serviced.

Seeking an engaged professional ready to further propel the service line from where it currently operates today to a cemented industry leader in the provision of sub-acute Rehabilitation.

Post-Acute Partners has publicly acknowledged their commitment to expand their long term care portfolio. Whether you are new to management or an experienced veteran, joining this company is the right opportunity for the right individual looking to further develop management expertise. As the company continues to expand the outlook for opportunity to grow within it exists as well. Organizations have an embedded value of investing in current talent and will continue to seek professionals to fulfill regional and corporate positions in the future.

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