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Physical Therapist - Aquatic Facility

Physical Therapist – Aquatic Facility Chance of a Lifetime – Work in the Pool and protect your own body! We are a boutique type setting, not a factory clinic we schedule one patient on the hour and one on the half and you work with PTA's & Techs. We have been open for 11 years at the same location. We own and operate a state of the art first class facility.

Benjamin's, Hamilton's, greenbacks, bones, clams, cash, CMB, C-Notes, cabbage, lettuce, bread, dough, change, chips, even pesos. We could sit here all day and give you a ton of synonyms for money. Or you could just apply for our Physical Therapist job and make a ton instead. What’s that you say? You’re about more than money? Well that’s a first. But okay, how about this?

We are a non-physician privately owned outpatient clinic in the 4th largest Medical Center in the world specializing in aquatic and physical therapy in Houston, Texas. With over 7000 square feet in our single story rehab clinic, our 17-person staff prides itself on being one-on-one with our patients and offering the latest and greatest technology. We’re proof that everything is bigger and better in Texas. Most people wait all year to go on vacations to be near a 93 degree salt water pool in a refreshing atmosphere.... They save their pennies daily to hear that soothing sound of water moving effortlessly as it relaxes and eases all your worries

Then again, sometimes a lucky Physical Therapist gets to work around these conditions every day and receive compensation

In our new lobby right now are patients who value short waiting times (10 minutes or the treatment is free), individualized care, and a 93 degree salt water pool. Currently, we’re looking for a Physical Therapist who is familiar with the newest technology. We provide Aquatic Therapy, Balance Therapy (Neurocom), Bone Density testing, Decompression including spinal decompression, posture analyzer and Jtech human performance testing.

What do you get out of this deal? A phenomenal support staff including a full- time employee who will take transcribe your notes, evaluations and re-evaluations for you!We use electronic medical records & notes, so all the information is at your fingertips. We are using Web PT to document. Benefits, CEU classes paid for, APTA membership and clinic hours that will allow you to have a life. And not to mention, a lot of dead presidents. (Just to be clear, we’re talking about money)

Must have current PT or DPT with state license or the ability to get Texas approved ASAP. You must have a Medicare and Blue Cross numbers. Must be articulate and detail oriented with evaluations and paperwork. Must love being in the water. We treat patients in our two pools.

So whip out your water weights and let’s get to work! Send your resume to along with questions to Look at our website at .

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