Make the Most Out of National Physical Therapy Month

October 1st, 2019
By: Content Staff

October is THE month. The month where those who practice physical therapy celebrate, promote, and raise awareness of its benefits. Whether you own a practice or not, advocating on behalf of the industry serves the general population for whom you intend to serve as well as your own personal PT business.

Informing people of physical therapy, gives them the opportunity to explore options that lead to improving their mobility, managing pain, recovering from injuries, and preventing future injuries.

To spread the word and give yourself and your practice more publicity, consider the options outlined below. Leverage National Physical Therapy Month to impact your business in October and throughout the year.

  • Participate in the Global PT Day of Service on October 12, 2019. This event connects thousands of volunteers from more than 50 countries to serve communities and project a positive impact. Sign up to serve at
  • Schedule an after-hours open house at your clinic. Invite the community, local businesses, schools, and past and current patients.
  • Offer a free yoga class with a certified instructor and if you can, host it at your clinic. It brings people in the door and allows you to showcase your clinic, staff, and location.
  • Visit schools in your community and present a PT Career Day. Specifically get in front of the athletic department and make a presentation to them and student athletes of how physical therapy can be an asset to them.
  • Start a walking club that meets on a consistent basis whether it is weekly or twice a month. This promotes physical activity and the feeling of community.
  • Create an instructional/informational video and post to social media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).
  • Post physical therapy content to your social media networks and use appropriate hashtags. (i.e. - #ChoosePT, #physicaltherapy)
  • Host a mini-massage clinic at your location. Attendance is limited and must RSVP. Incorporate educating attendees on the benefits of physical therapy.
  • Promote patient testimonials on your website, mailers, and social media.

Whichever option(s) you choose will be beneficial to all as the goal is to raise awareness of the benefits of physical therapy and connect with the community. Start by doing one or two but try to keep the momentum going by doing some of these throughout the year whether it be quarterly or annually.

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